Accounting Software

Making the Accounting Software Shift

There are thousands of accounting software packages on the market. They're not all the same, of course. The fact is that if your needs are not too specific, there are probably a number of packages that will do just fine.

Many people swear allegiance to one software company without really looking around for other companies that might be selling a similar package for less. There might also be other packages that are simply much better suited for your company and your financial needs. Don't get caught in a rut.

Of course, the disadvantage to switching is that there will almost always be a learning curve with a new piece of software. Switching may be too big a gamble for you or your organization. If you are thinking of switching from one piece of software to another you want to be making that switch for the right reasons:

  • Don't switch simply because of one or two problems . No software is perfect. A more positive reason to make a switch is because there is better software out there that more closely matches your needs. That said, be sure that you test-run the software first so you are certain it does not introduce any serious problems or issues that you did not have before.
  • Set yourself up for one smooth transition . Taking several different packages for a test run will be a waste of time, especially if they are costing you time and resources in other ways (e.g. through lost data, etc.) Make sure that you fully review the software; read customer reviews; talk to accountants in your industry.
  • Whatever you spend, spend it wisely . If you're thinking of spending money on a specialist package, its going to cost a lot more than the off-the-shelf, generic accounting software. On the other hand, generic accounting software might be a waste of time if you find out down the road that it does not suit your needs.
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