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Usability is a Big Issue in Business Software

Usability is a term that has been around for a number of years now, but it still gets short shrift from companies shopping for software. Of course, cost and effectiveness rank at the top of your list of priorities, but usability ought not to be very far down the list from these.

There are two primary considerations of usability when it comes to business management software. You need software that will be suitable for as many of your employees as possible. If you have employees who are not as tech-savvy as others, is the software going to be useful to them? If this is not a problem in your organization, there are still other considerations of usability.

On the other hand, usability is an issue that is easy to underestimate. If you assume there are employees in your company who don't need to use tracking or other software, this may be an improper assumption. If a piece of software is adaptable to many users, this will enable more people to be a part of your business processes.

The secondary consideration but certainly related is dashboard data rendering. The key issue here is whether or not the software is going to render the results that are needed for a variety of users. If a user routinely needs to find the same information or retrieve a limited number of data sets, the software needs to adapt to this or even anticipate it. You do not want a dashboard that renders all data for each user as if they are all the same and have the same needs. There have been great strides forward in this area in the last several years, but there are software development companies that are still finding their edge.

For many businesses, dashboard usability comes from an insiders knowledge of the particular business in which they are involved. There are specialized business management software packages for everything from health care to couriers to farm management. When shopping around for your particular business its a good idea to look at the specialized software, compare it to more generic software and get the usability that you need for your business.

Your employees are the customers

The best way to test the usability is to conduct in-house interviews or user testing. If you know your employees and know their needs, this is a great place to start, but the more thorough you are, the better you will be able to meet their needs. If software companies allow you to take their software for a trial, let a variety of your employees into the loop so they can all come to understand the software and weigh in on how well it matches their needs and expectations.

Manage your business software intelligently

Its been noted by industry analysts that the best use of business intelligence and business management software comes from within the restaurant industry. Here, large companies have been able to drill down into banks of data to increase profits and productivity to render sometimes chain-wide results.

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