Call Center Software

An overview

In terms of marketing, call center software is used for outbound calling, for the sake of telemarketing, phone surveys, marketing research and the like. Of course, the same software and technology can be used for collections, community alerts and other related needs.

Call center software uses automatic or predictive dialing that allows call centers and their employees to save money and time. Most software in this field is also capable of handling automated messages. Predictive dialing will transfer the call to an operator once a phone is answered. These are just a few of the features available from call center software.

Call Center Software Providers

In 2005, Concerto and Aspect merged under the name Concerto then subsequently were bought out by Spacer. This is effectively the largest call center software company.

Astute Solutions has been in the call center software business since 1995.

Kanisamade headlines as far back as 2003 in its understanding of the need for call center software that automated and streamlined call center problem resolution.

Fonalityoffers full-service call center networks that begin at under $1,000. As VoIPhas taken off in the last couple of years, high quality VoIPnetworks are becoming part of the specialization of call center software providers such as Fonality.

Other CallCenterSoftware

Call center software can also be used for guiding call traffic for inbound communications dealing in customer service, collections or financial services, or anything else. This may entail a specialization in this kind of business, but not necessarily.

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