Construction Software

Helping you build more effectively

In 2002, software interoperability problems cost the construction industry nearly $16 billion. The cost came as a result of inefficiencies that affected construction firms, engineers, contractors, fabricators and suppliers. Of course, similar problems affected every industry, and although these have not been eliminated, software developers have worked over the last few years to alleviate many of these interoperability inefficiencies.

Nowhere is there more need for software engineers to improve their reputation. Added trouble here is that the construction industry is notorious for resisting use of computers and software.

The good news is that there have been significant improvements to construction and its integration with other construction technology and software and construction estimating software. Software can make equipment perform better and improve the efficiency of processes and workflow.

Construction Estimating Software

For anyone from the small business handyman to the professional contractor, builder or remodeler, construction and building estimation software can help you estimate costs for residential, commercial and industrial construction. Software programs in this category can take into account your current estimated costs on all building materials and they can help you track labor and man hours, as well as accounting and management, architecture and design, building codes and legal and many other items.

Software is used for a variety of other purposes related to construction, including project management, project scheduling, site management, job costing and much more.

Some Construction Software Providers

Quickbooks is a trusted name in software for a variety of business purposes, and their version of construction software. Premier Contractor is a by-user fee based service that can help you track project costs, tasks, billing and much more. Another nice thing about this is that it is easily integrated with all Microsoft products, so you can export and import materials from numerous other common applications.

Hard Dollar BID builder is a suite of products that can oversee all aspects of estimating, bidding and project management. Its a big suite built for big players.

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