Contract Management Software

Software to manage your contracts

Contract management software is a subset of customer relations management software. At its best, contract management software will systematize your contract organization that you can sort through them in a number of different ways, find whatever information you need. CMS is a simple way to automatically systematize all supplier contracts.

Contract management software is generally grouped according to the size of a company or organization. As of 2005, 20% of purchasing professionals use contract management software and that number is increasing at a rapid rate, according to Gartner, a Connecticut research company. The software is used to provide contract templates, to track contracts, to ensure that all parties are meeting contractual obligations and more.

Asset management software is broader in terms of its capability. One of the decisions you might need to consider at purchasing time is whether to upgrade to a comprehensive suite of software that will take care of more than just your contracts. You may need to consider all your needs. If you have narrowed your choice to contract management, there are many different brands and kinds of this software to choose from.

Making the Decision to Purchase Contract Management Software

Your three step process to making a final decision is simple:

  • Fully identify all the needs of your organization. This may require things like interviewing or even full scale strategic planning.
  • Understand all products that are out there in contract management software and in larger suites. You may want to narrow your list to three and try these out.
  • Running a trail of this software will help you to fully understand your needs and how these might be met by different software available to you.

There are a number of criteria that will go into your final decision. Some criteria are the same you would have for any purchase, but some are specific to a contract management software decision. They are as follows:

  • Accurate Functionality . How closely does the software match the needs of your organization?
  • Usability . Can your employees use the technology or is it badly designed for their needs?
  • Customer support . Does the company have a good reputation for dealing with help issues and customer questions?
  • Implementation . Is the software compatible with your other software and systems?
  • Benefits and Cost . Is the software going to render more benefits than it costs? Are the benefits going to outweigh the costs to such a degree that they cover intangibles and things you may not have considered?

You may find that it is not worth your while to purchase contract management software. Either way, it will be important to contact contract management software companies to get an idea of products they offer. Begin by searching our resources for contract management software.

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