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Customer Relations Management Software at its Best

An ideal customer relations management system provides a central platform for you to get to know all of your customers and to understand each one of them 100%. Of course, we are still a good distance away from that ideal world. But some of the best CRM software allows you to keep track of a lot of data unavailable through any other means.

Customer Relations Management Software can help you to understand and anticipate your customers needs and their purchasing history by analyzing their behavior. The dream, really, is to fully understand your business and to know exactly where business is going. This has very likely been the goal of all businesses since the dawn of commerce.

Customer Relations Management for e-tailing

Customer Relations Management is important everywhere, but it is still growing in importance in e-tailing. E-commerce has traditionally (even by its nature) been a hands-off branch of retail, but surveys show that this attitude needs to change if e-commerce is really going to go to the next level.

Currently, only 5% of e-customers actually make a purchase, and some companies are responding by purchasing customer relations software to get to know their customers better. After all, personalized service has been a hallmark of good business since the inception of commerce. Expect customers to respond positively to the personalization possible with CRM software.

Some Customer Relations Management Software Products and Suites

One company that has garnered considerable attention is SalesLogix, an application that integrates sales, marketing and other support for Windows users. Version 6.2 of this software was deployed in October of 2004. This software features a customer self-service portal as well as SpeedSearch. It does support Oracle, but it requires MS SQL.

While this is one of the most robust and effective CRM software packages on the market, there are a number of weaknesses. The main concern is its ability (or inability) to integrate data so that answers to problems can be traced back to their source. At $1,000 per user, this software is still recommended.

Siebel (or is that Siebel-Oracle?) has been in the CRM software game the longest of all the major software makers in this category. Siebel has helped over 4000 small and medium businesses integrate their marketing, sales and service teams. They have one of the longest track records in the CRM software industry.

MaximizersEnterprise9.0 features reporting and dashboards that are improved over previous iterations.

NetSuitesCRM integrates well with other NetSuite software.

Other high end CRM software applications are offered by Goldmine, Talisma, Salesforce and SugarCRM. Talisma is appealing because it offers a high-end CRM solution, competitive with the likes of Siebel, Pivotal, and E.piphany, in a well-integrated suite that promises shorter deployment times and lower operating costs.

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