Database Management Software

Manage your data

Database software, also called database management software or DBMS, used to control all aspects of data management is increasingly necessary. As databases of information continue to grow, the capabilities of database management software need to grow with those changes.

The biggest names in database management are the same as they have been for several years: Oracle, My SQL, IBM, Micosoft and Sybase. Today most database management is embedded, usable across many different platforms and accessible through wireless. Some DBMS works with traditional programming languages while others include their own programming language.

For those who have complex data management needs but no complex understanding of the languages used to manage database software, there are programs such as VCW VicMan's DataBase. This employs a simple interface that is usable by people of any skill level, and it can be used for any kind of file, from video to Excel, and there are a variety of other templates for organizing data.

All of the precautions that go into other software purchase decisions go into making a purchase of database management software.

Larger organizations, whose database needs cover terabytes of data and who have a dedicated data management department, will have a history of database management. When considering an upgrade or change to another kind of DBMS, there are still needs to consider. These are:

  • Data security that will keep out unwanted intruders.
  • Data integrity ensures that only one person can update data at one time or can follow any of a number of other protocols.
  • Interactive queries are integral to any DBMS today, allowing you to interrogate the database in any way, to acquire the information that you need.
  • Interactive data entry and updating allow you to manage files and databases in the way you see fit. For larger databases, this entails direct programming.
  • Data independence , the ability to query any data search string to render independent data.
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