Fleet Maintenance Software

Keep Your Truck Maintenance on Schedule

Fleet management software enables warehouses to maintain their fleet of vehicles. Some of the things they might be able to track, depending on the software, included aily activities, mapping, maintenance history, security, fleet management and cost per mile reports.

Older versions of fleet management software divvied up all these aspects into software with smaller functionalities. Today, fleet management software is unique among software suites in that it does not try to do too much (as is the case with CRM software) and it is not too narrow in focus.

Still, there are some other options that you may want to consider. Trucking software, for example, centralizes and automates dispatching, as well as taking care of accounting and other maintenance needs.

Types of Fleet Maintenance Software

Most manufacturers of fleet maintenance software divide software packages according to company size. The more categories and software suites offered by a company, the more likely it is to have your businesses interests in mind.

Top Fleet Maintenance Software Products

OmniFleet is one company that has adapted to various business needs and sizes, offering a wide range of fleet maintenance software products. For example, OmniFleet makes software applications designed specifically for fleets that are maintained in house. The numerous specific considerations that go into this business model make this a necessary purchase if that is the way you run your business.

CSI Road brings the considerable experience of Computer Support, Inc. to bear over 15 years of making transportation related software. CSI also has considerable real world experience, located as they are at the hub of the American trucking industry, in south central Pennsylvania. CSI is proud of its ability to cater to companies with two or two hundred units.

MaintiMizer by Ashcom Technologies is the company's flagship product. The company has software adapted to various industries, including management agencies, government, the health care industry and many others.

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