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According to some analysts, good customer service is the first, most important aspect of any business. Your customers may only think that you are as good as your help desk. Some argue that internal help desk people who are top notch (and thus, highly paid) might be your companys best defense against obsolescence and defeat.

If you are going to outsource your help desk to software, you can at least shop around for help desk software. The help desk is traditionally one of the first areas affected by cost-cutting measures.

Magic Solutions is the help desk software of choice for many companies, including Olan Mills portrait studio, found in many K-Mart stores. The advantages to this system are ones you should look for in any help desk software:

  • Its easy to navigate, so you can save precious time in dealing with complaints or issues.
  • Saving time on help desk issues can help you save money.

One of the advantages of help desk software is that much of your help desk needs can be taken care of automatically or proactively. Some things that can be done include the use of FAQs, web forums (so that users can communicate with each other) and help menus with trouble shooting. All of these can end up saving your employees the time and the aggravation of answering the same questions. More proactive solutions include:

  • Record-keeping of issues so they have bearing on future corporate decisions.
  • Analyzing issue to give better initial customer (or employee) instruction

Not all help desk software falls under the rubric of customer relations management (CRM) software. There is also help desk software for corporations who need to deal with ongoing internal problems or support issues.

Internal Help Desk Software for Business

There are many brands of web based help desk software for corporations. The software allows

  • everyone on the team to see the whole picture
  • you to create spam-free discussion groups

One example is FogBugz, priced (as of 2005) at $129 per user. There are many other companies and much more information concerning help desk software. Search our resources for help desk software in order to investigate for yourself.

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