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Human resources software can help you perform a variety of human resources functions, including administering compensation and/or benefits, intranet management, ID systems, payroll and scheduling, job posting and recruitment filing, training and development, self-service for some employee services and much more.

Some of the most important functions of a human resources suite are:
  • Applicant tracking . This allows you to maintain a robust database of applicants and all information related to their applications, resumes and jobs applied for. The ability to store and retrieve all this information effectively makes your human resources management much easier. Some of the features related to this would include OCR (optical character recognition, the ability of a piece of software to read text from hard copy) scanning of resumes, etc., requisition analysis, online note taking, saved job descriptions, etc.
  • Automated features such as interactive voice response. This is important for large organizations where there are many applicants for a few positions. These automated features can be used to screen applicants with a few basic questions.
  • Time and attendance features can monitor the time logged by employees, saving you time and aggravation, especially in the case of shifts and fieldwork. This can also reduce errors and ensure that employer and employee have a mediated record of items such as overtime, offsite attendance and field time, covering variables such as part-time workers, seasonal workers, etc.

Some human resources aspects can be handled by individualized applications if your needs in one particular area are particularly critical or emphasized.

Some of the biggest names in human resources software are:
  • SAP, who worked closely with the Federal Human Resources Information System on a pilot project to automate federal human resources as far back as 1999;
  • IBM launched a Workforce Management Initiative in January 2004 that is widely used by businesses across the spectrum;
  • Taleo's Enterprise Staffing Management Suite was spotlighted by Information Week in 2005.

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