Inventory Software

Keep Track of Your Inventory and Know Where its Going

Inventory software is a type of enterprise resource planning software with a focus on tracking your inventory and may be viewed as slightly different from asset management software.This type of software is ideal for businesses or business elements that rely heavily on their warehouse. You can purchase inventory software independently or as part of a larger business management software package.

You know that you need business inventory software when you reach the point where you don't know what you have in your warehouse or how many. Of course, if you are losing sales because you are not keeping track of inventory that is a pretty good sign that you need to invest in inventory management software. Its not a good idea to wait that long but the fact is that most businesses do so don't feel bad.

Factors Affecting Your Inventory Management Software Selection

There are hundreds of products available in this category, and chances are pretty good that you will find a few different products that closely match your needs. Your final decisions will be affected by a balance of the following factors:

  • Cost is the most basic factor that will affect your decision. Establish a threshold over which you cannot rise, but don't necessarily rise to that cost threshold. It often happens with software choices that if you look around you will find a free or low cost software solution.
  • Functionality is another important factor. If you can take the software for a test drive, it can be an ideal way to find out if and how well it matches your needs. Most companies allow a limited trial period, but in some cases you may need to ask them. On the other hand, you can read reviews and opinions in forums, although these are not always a reliable source of information.
  • Integration with other software and systems is something manufacturers should keep in mind. Poor integration may be the key factor in that bargain bin price.
  • Ongoing costs are a factor that may be easy to underestimate. If the software is going to cause problems or is going to be expensive to maintain then you are not really saving money by low-balling on your initial investment.
Some Leading Inventory Control Software Packages

Inventory Power is ideal for small and medium sized enterprises. Inventory Power is capable of invoice management and categorizing goods. Some of the integral, important features here are barcode scanning support that is compatible with many different kinds of barcode scanners. It also supports some international markets, including the UK.

NetSuite is the inventory control software best buy, according to Business Week magazine. This software is roundly acclaimed for it robustness and for the companys willingness to adapt. The system is designed to be used by everyone from the boardroom to the mail room to the stock room.

Macromedias Flex 1.5 is also well regarded from the people who have created their own little corner of the market on web dynamism. This software suite follows in that tradition. To do your own full comparison of inventory software, search our resources for business inventory software, unless you see a nearby link that matches your needs.

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