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Pay Cycle, 10 Dollar Payroll and ADP

For several years now, it has been known that payroll software can seriously cut human resources costs. There are still many companies losing time and money by calculating payroll, handling paychecks and all other aspects of payroll by hand. A full-service suite of human resources software can take care of all your HR needs, but payroll software can zero in on payroll issues.
Some of the things that a robust payroll software suite can handle for your company are:
  • Viewing facts and figures from individual stats to a corporation year at a glance;
  • Global changes to pay rates, tax adjustments, deductions, benefits, etc.;
  • Paycheck printing, importing to spreadsheet and reporting.

Your options are not necessarily limited to buying a payroll software package. Microsoft partnered with the ubiquitous payroll software service Automatic Data Processing (ADP).That will do fine if you have 50 employees or less.

This model is similar to that used by many other payroll web services, where a monthly fee will cover all your payroll processing needs. Any of a number of companies do a fine job of handling this service, including:

  • PayCyclegets a five star rating from PC Magazine;
  • 10 Dollar Payroll charges $10 per payroll run plus a $25 quarterly fee;
  • ADP, as mentioned above

You can investigate these for yourself by searching our resources for payroll software or payroll services.

More traditional payroll software packages allow you to control your own payroll choices in-house. One example of this is VersaCheck, a software package that also get high marks (4 stars) from PC Magazine. Optimum Solutions is built for companies from 100 to 5,000 employees. AbraPayroll Accounting Software is ideal for mid-size businesses. Search our resources for payroll software to get a complete list.

All of the same cautions that apply to any software purchase apply to your purchase of a payroll software package.

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