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As with other kinds of software, point of sale software is priced essentially the same. From one brand or suite to the next, there are differences in terms of specific functions and capabilities.

You need to know your business and fully understand the needs of your customer before you take the big step of purchasing POS software. What is it that makes your business unique? What are the unique aspects of your business that affect your point of sale?

POS Software Basic Features There are a number of essential features you would expect your point of sale software to take care of. These would include:

  • Display of items and their cost
  • Tax and tax calculation
  • Returns, voids and discounts
  • All payment options, including (of course) credit cards
  • Adaptable to various retail and sales situations
Some essential requirements of your point of sale software
  • Your POS software ought to be able to interface well with other software and system components.
  • Easily adaptable and changeable. Prices can fluctuate, especially in some sales arenas make sure your POS software can be changeable.
  • Usable by all necessary parties. If you need to have employees make changes, be sure that your POS software is easy for them to use.
  • Readable reports that meet your needs.
  • Supports your customers and their specific needs. For example, if you have gift cards, your POS software must maintain accurate records for your customers.
  • Handling of yearly and monthly changes. Can the software adapt to the seasons and monthly changes inherent to your business?
Some Common Mistakes When Buying POS Software

Buying the wrong POS software can be costly in a number of ways ideally, your POS software will save you money and make your business more efficient. The most common error that people make is choosing the wrong POS system. Most retailers try several point of sale software packages before they find the one that's right for their business.

Some basic errors to avoid:
  • Make sure your software is compatible with your hardware, other software and all other system components. If you buy up-to-date POS software, you may have to update all other system components at the same time.
  • Get all your advice from the right authorities . We can give you some basic advice here, but when it comes down to your actual purchase, you need to get it from the people with POS software experience. Search our resources for POS software and ask the hands on experts whats really best for your business. Then get second and third opinions from other experts.
  • Get software that will get help . Buy from a company with a reputation for quality and service. Anticipate that you will have problems with the software and don't assume that you wont. Find out the companys help record and ask them what help they offer.
  • Buy from a company that knows your business . you're a restaurant business and they specialize in restaurant POS software? that's a definite advantage.
  • Buy from a company that's going to be around . Many technology companies have a short lifespan, but a company can go a long way on a fast-built reputation.
  • Make a list of needs and wants then stick to it.
Some POS software vendors

Microsoft jumped into the POS software market in 2005, with its web-based application that automates all transactions. It essentially replaces store cash registers. The system allows users access from their home computers with a secure login. Were going to guess that its as easily usable as all MS products and also as susceptible to bugs and hacks.

Linux owns about 10% of the POS software market, but its market share has shrunk with the advent of Microsoft into this market.

Comcashhas over 10 years of experience and over 5,000 customers in POS software, so if you're looking for a reputable company, theyre a fine choice. They have a variety of packages available.

InfoTouchhas been around since 1986 with their POS software package, Store Manager. They pride themselves on usability.They have modules for every aspect of the sale, including inventory, customer tracking, employee information and gift card processing.

And finally, one more company with extensive experience in the POS software industry is PixelPoint. They specialize in POS software for the restaurant industry (including table service and quick service restaurants), priding themselves on ease of use.

Learn more by searching our resources for point of sale software.

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