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Manage your Project Software Choices

The kind of project management software you purchase will depend on the size and kind of projects you are proposing managing, of course. There are some software suites that are versatile, but these may also be compromised in other facets. If you are performing a first-time search for project management software, bear in mind that it will never really replace good project management, collaboration facilitation, etc; it will make all these aspects easier and more efficient, however.

When searching for project management software, beware of all the usual concerns about integrability and other precautions that go into any software choice. In purchasing project management software, issues of usability and versatility are especially critical, of course:

  • Users have to be granted access to the levels relevant to them no further and no less.
  • Robust, versatile file management can the software use programs from different providers (not MS exclusive, for example) such as Sun, Linux, etc? Can different files be imported? Can files be opened by programs preferred by different users?
  • Browser versatility can it be used by Firefox, for example?
  • Flexibility of task management. How well does the task tracking progress suit your needs?
  • Can users log issues, prioritize them and have them dealt with adequately?
Project Management Software Choices

There are many smaller, more affordable suites of project management software that can handle many of the basics of project management. Before you investigate any really expensive options, be sure to check out Microsoft Project, low ticket project management software or even free software downloadable from freeware websites. One of the best in freeware may be Achievo, nominated in the category of Companies Management in the international Second Annual Free Software Contest.

A number of suites in the $100 range can handle many project management scenarios. These include TurboProject, Milestone Simplicity and eProject. There are many more, though. Read more by searching for project management software.

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