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Your portfolio of properties has expanded to the point where you need software to keep track of everything? Congratulations! When deciding which software to purchase, remember that there are specific kinds of software designed for property management. Generic business-based software will not do.
Areas that can be specifically addressed by property management software are as follows:
  • Tenant issues . Track details concerning your tenants, including their payment history, rental history, deposits, incidents and all other comments.
  • Building and property information . Break down all information into each unit or for each building. Track all your own payments, expenses, repairs and bills. This can help you decide when its time to spend money or when its time to sell.
  • Reporting can be based on individual preferences. Make sure that the software you are interested in renders the information relevant to you or customizable to the degree you need. Here, you may be able to generate global reports covering all of your income andexpenses, and get as big or as small of a picture as you need.
  • Interface design is a technical way of saying the look of the software, but this especially relates to its ease of use. Compare different programs to see which one is more intuitively useful to you.
Software service

Today, most software is accessed via the internet, hosted at a remote site. This means that you do not need to load it on every machine you use; as long as you have connection to the internet, you can access and input data.

Some property management software vendors

Quicken (the people who make so many financial management tools) makes Quicken Rental. Of course, this focuses on accounting, but if that is the bulk of your needs and you can use other programs to manage tenant information, then this may be right for you.

Rent Manager , unlike QuickBooks and other programs, is designed specifically for the management of rental properties and as such it holds many more features you might find useful.

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