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Manage all things from building to selling

Software that relates to real estate can be a broad category. We have other pages on construction estimating software, as well as property management software. But of course, there are still broad categories of real estate software that would not be included under either of these categories.

Real Estate Investors Software can help investors or potential investors estimate the value of properties to determine whether or not they are a good investment or not. It can also help you keep track of properties, their market values and all other financial data (rent, maintenance costs, etc.)

All of the cautions and precautions that go with all business software purchases apply.

Realtors Software can help agents track their sales and expenses as well as many other factors, including expenses and more. If its your job to sell or manage residential and/or commercial real estate then real estate listing software can help you build a database of buyers and sellers along with property listings. Having this software will help you remain organized to help build client confidence in you.

Some of the things that real estate software can help you with include:
  • detailed records of your clients
  • schedule time management
  • track other transactions in your market
  • inventory other property and owners
  • calculate best asking prices and costs and more

For brokers and others there is also sales force software, including sales tracking software (in which you can also input data for other realtors). Some of the most trusted names in this area are

  • Netsuite (the CRM software specialists whose products are adaptable for other uses)
  • AIMPromote is on-demand lead management and campaign tracking software that offers a 14 day free trial.
  • has built a reputation over the years for reliability and versatility.

To attempt to cover all of real estate software (there are nearly 100 categories that you might want to learn about) is nearly impossible for this site. You can learn a lot more, though, by exploring for yourself using our search box and searching for database software, affordable housing software sales management software, or any other software search related to real estate.

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