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Recruit with intelligence

Recruiting software is a kind of human resources software ideal for companies with lots of recruiting needs or ongoing hiring needs. Companies that need ongoing hiring or who have seasonal hiring needs ideally target recruiting software over broadly applicable HR software. Recruiting software can automate many of your recruiting tasks.

Some of the top companies in this category are:
  • Taleo Corporation focuses on helping large companies that manage large scale even worldwide talent. The TaleoHourly application is well designed for chains or companies who do a lot of holiday hiring; the application process is online to allow companies to weed out minimally qualified people. There are many other features of this service.
  • IBM s supply chain management is used by organizations with diverse staffing and employee tracking services. If you think your needs are similar to those of the US Department of Defense, you might consider using IBM, its recruiter of choice.
  • SAS was one of the first to enter into the human resources and recruiting software field.
  • Eliyon is the recruiter of choice for Staples. It has also partnered with Monster.
  • Sonic Recruit, Encore and PC Recruiter are all working ongoing to establish dominance in the field of recruiting software.

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All of the precautions that go into any business software selection applies to the purchase of any recruiting software or service. Some features or other software you might look for, as part of your total recruiting software or human resources package are as follows:

  • Online vocational testing that can help both employees and prospects discover their true interests and vocational aptitudes, allowing you to find the best place for them to be within your organization.
  • Transformational and educational software or tapes that can help your employees strive to be better and to aim higher.
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