Scheduling Software

Manage your calendar

In todays world, busy-ness is a fact of life. that's why you need scheduling software. Scheduling software comes in a wide variety of styles and types the most common being:

  • Appointment scheduling, for everyone from doctors to business executives. This could also include things like construction scheduling software. Medical software is dealt with more fully elsewhere on our site.
  • Personal scheduling, for anyone from home business people to jet travelers.
  • Job and task scheduling for small offices to large corporations. This can include dispatch software and other employee scheduling software.
  • Sports scheduling, for everyone from little leagues to the major leagues. This software might be considered similar to other event scheduling software.

For anything that needs scheduling, there might well be software to match your needs. Search our resources for the scheduling software that matches your needs.

Appointment scheduling software has been around for some time, but there are ongoing attempts to improve this software to achieve better results. In November 2004, for example, IBM and Florida International University announced they were teaming up to create scheduling software that would take into account patients history as well as their symptoms, ailments and other factors to create appointment scheduling that would reduce wait times and patients need for, well, patience.

Automated scheduling is also a factor in other businesses as well. The advantage of using scheduling software or other automated scheduling is threefold:

  • Free up dispatch and scheduling staff to do other less mundane tasks.
  • Centralize all your scheduling needs into one program.
Other high-profile scheduling software packages and suites

A company that has received attention in this area is Meeting Maker Inc., whose Resource Scheduler was profiled in an Information Week article of February 11, 2005.

General Mills, one of the largest food companies in the USA, uses Tidal Softwares Enterprise Scheduler to track stores needs and to stay on top of warehouse and store orders.

Scheduling software can also be seen as the same thing as fleet maintenance software or resource management software. Search our resources for scheduling software to take a closer look at manufacturers offerings.

Calendar Software

There are two popular kinds of calendar software:

  • Calendar software that is used to handle employee schedules, meetings and other events. The most popular version of this is Microsoft Outlook, although Mozillahas added a calendar feature that is still catching on in popularity.
  • Calendar making software is used to create printable calendars, usually for free.
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