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Shopping cart software has had an interesting history. Poor shopping cart software was held partly accountable for the dotcom bust of the early part of this decade. Today, shopping cart software is thought to be a piece of cake, though a closer look reveals that it is not, and there are still many cautions purchasers ought to keep in mind.

Some Shopping Cart Software Companies

Time after time, too many people are looking for free shopping cart software . We have found the old adage to hold true: you do get what you pay for. In this case, when you pay nothing you will get virtually nothing.

PayPal shopping cart is a third-party gateway service that is easy, reliable and trusted. Some don't like this because its branded with eBay; related to this, its best suited for handling small offerings, and not quite robust enough to handle larger purchases where customers need to take time to select the components they want. If your a small player and plan on being so for a while, then PayPalmight suit your needs. Its very usable, it accepts major credit cards and itll probably be recognized by your customers.

PlugNPlay , like Pay Pal, is a third-party gateway service. It features a standard post and reply format, as well as some flexible cart options. Its also more robust than some other gateway services. The nice thing s about this shopping cart was the versatile and clean reporting. The actual interface of the software was not easy to style in any way different from standard, but on the whole it lived up to its name quite well.

We've takenDotNetCart for a little run through one of our online stores. Its full-featured software that's inexpensive and works with a lot of account providers (Moneris, PayPal, etc.) It also has currency conversion and a number of other neat features, all of which made it appealing. But we found it difficult to implement, and the interface had some problems. The kicker was that it was difficult to find the help we really wanted.

On the whole, we found this shopping cart just a bit wobbly that can be quite annoying, in the long run.

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