Small Business Software

An overview of some big software for Small Business

For small business, software can be a big decision. Most of the factors affecting your software purchase decision will be the same as they will be for any size business. There is no shortage of companies producing software with small business in mind and there is no shortage of products in this category.

Some Top Manufacturers of Small Business Software

Microsoft has made a (very big) name of being single-PC-friendly and it essentially rules small business software (for good or bad). MS is not entirely ubiquitous in small business software, though. For example, MS's Small Business Management Edition 2006 features comprehensive accounting software for the first time. The good news, though, is that the accounting software has all the ease of use that you've come to expect from Microsoft. You can purchase this small business software as stand-alone for under $190 or with MS Office for $649, including Business Contact Manager and other applications.

IBM's Express products for mid-size and small business are scaled-down versions of its software for larger businesses. The products are really IBM's attempt to jump into the waters of small e-business, the same waters everyone sees as under-fished by software developers and sellers.

SAP's Business One is lesser known than some of those above, but its a brand name that might be more familiar to purchasers for larger operations. SAP packages a lot of its core applications into a smaller, more flexible package that is suitable for small and medium-sized business. This is high-end software (over $3,500 per user) but, according to reviews, its worth it in terms of feature delivery. Businesses moving from small into medium or large size might consider a move from smaller software like Microsoft or QuickBooks to a more robust, adaptable program like SAP. The key feature here is a CRM facet that will help you take your small business to the next level.

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