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If you found this page because you are looking for support for a suite of software you purchased, we don't think we can help you! However, you have come to the right place for a primer or overview of support software to help you help customers or employees solve issues faster (this is sometimes filed under the broad heading of customer relations management software).

This market has been traditionally well monetized and badly served. According to a Forresters Survey of 2005, only 29% of CRM buyers were pleased with how well it integrated with their other applications. 34% were happy with the software service. These very low figures are found in a $3 billion industry where average cost for an enterprise-class software suite is over $500,000.

So keep your head up. In Information Week s survey of support software for 2005, the highest ranked support software was Sage Software. that's fairly good news for Sage, except that the product was only given a B-. SalesforcesWinter 2005 Enterprise Edition and Entellium'sPro-Activity garnered the same (low) grade but were considered slightly inferior.

Entelliumswas rated slightly lower because it provided less effective reporting, offline usage and data exporting, although its support software was acclaimed for its better customer service and forecasting tools. The fact that all three of these barely scored over a C is a clear indication that you are well advised to look around and buy with care.

Some other big name companies in this category are as follows:
  • BLive , which promises support for a wide variety of industries.
  • InstantService has an impressive list of clients, including H&R Block, McAfee, Pfizer Healthcare, Lending Tree and many, many more.

The fact that no support software company can claim a markedly superior product speaks volumes about the industry and its need for improvement. Seeking out cheap competitors interested in giving you an option to some of the higher cost disappointments in this category is another gamble.

Most of the above do not offer live support software, another kind of support needed that may be advisable for your business.

Live Support Software

SoftwebsNepaloffers free live support software as part of other customer relations management software packages. Absolute Live Support software allows you to provide live customer support directly from your website. There are few reviews or testimonials to base any opinion on, when it comes to these kinds of support software but that may be telling.

Search our resources for support software to explore all your options and learn for yourself.

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