Survey Software

Helping you understand customers and other visitors

Here is a brief survey of the software you will find in the category of survey software.

There are a number of different kinds of survey software, of course:
  • Web surveys ask people questions where their answers are inputted into a form with radio buttons or check boxes.
  • Other survey software can be employed in conjunction with other forms of surveys, such as phone surveys, mail or paper surveys, etc.
Standard features that you would look for in survey software would be as follows:
  • Question creation templates that allow you to create he questions that will help you get the survey results you need.
  • Reporting: Is it real time? Customizable? To the extent you require?
  • Importing to spreadsheets, etc.

Know what your survey needs are? Companies that handle full-scale customer surveys have a different specialization than that required by companies who will simply provide you with a polling option in a corner of your home page. As you take the survey software for a trial, think about all the features you really need in detail.

A closer look at what survey software can really do for you.
  • At point of creation . When you create your survey, you will want it to have the right look and clarity.
  • Does the software allow you to create the professional-looking survey that you need? The playful survey you want?
  • Does the survey have some word processing features that allow you to word your survey clearly?
  • At launch time . Get the survey software that allows you to manage your surveys in the right way.
  • Can you set your survey responses or customize them to your liking?
  • Is the management panel usable?
  • When you collect data.
  • Can you collect data online, offline, or through wireless, as you need?
  • Reporting. Be certain that the survey software creates the reports that will serve your needs well.
  • Can you create reports to your customizable needs?
  • Can you access reports in different ways, such as by date, gender, etc?
  • Data Management.
  • Can you export data?
  • Can you manage data in variable ways?
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