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Track your time

The phrase time tracking software actually has two very different uses. Popularly, time tracking software is used to monitor the activities of website or computer users. The usage we are talking here is the one that makes this kind of software part of HR software.

Time tracking software is useful for employees and employers in helping them maintain a relationship of trust. If you are automating employee attendance data by hand and this is no longer practical (either your company has grown or you should have made the switch to software long ago) there are a number of things to keep in mind as you search for time tracking software.

Time tracking software is really the important first part of the human resources software configuration that includes payroll software. Its also the more important half, when you consider the fact that payroll information relies solely on time tracking information.

Both employees and employers have resistance to time tracking software but there are possible advantage sot both parties:

  • Employees can demonstrate to employees that certain tasks do take longer or shorter than might be expected.
  • Employers can see the work that their employees did, of course, but they can also use the data to analyze time-saving strategies or to find out exactly where time is being used.

Time tracking software can be an important part of streamlining and waste reduction, as well as eliminating boring or pointlessly repetitive tasks (for example). Quite often, when companies purchase automated time tracking (as with many other kinds of software) they discover unexpected benefits of the software.

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Other time tracking software

Some companies use time tracking software to measure how long people use and view web pages or web services as a way to monitor the effectiveness of software and sections of web sites.

All the same precautions that go into any software purchase decision for business go into purchasing time tracking software.

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