Training Software

Track your training and your trainees

The use of training software is a simple way to streamline many or all of your training needs through one channel. Purchasing training software is a simple way to reduce teaching and training costs while at the same time tailoring the training process toward your company's individualized needs.

Training software can also be used to assess:
  • whether all employees are at the same training level.
  • which employees test better on training evaluations.
  • standardize training.

Be sure that training software allows for different learning styles. Some people learn visually, others learn through hands-on, while others learn in a traditionally academic manner. Some learners are intimidated by standard methods of testing, etc. Look for software made by people who are at least aware of these issues, even though styling may be difficult to incorporate into training software.

A wide variety of training software is available in an incredible variety of styles:
  • Virtual simulation software is very complex training software that can use virtual people to simulate everything from boardroom situations (for leadership training) to fighting situations. Virtual Leader by SimuLearn, Inc. is a recent addition to this wide variety of virtual training software.
  • Learning management systems can be altered by companies to meet their needs centrally supported by a strong framework to support management and delivery.
  • Content generation tools can guide companies through in-house development of courses and other training tools. ePath is one leader in this area. TechSmith is another.
  • E-learning services can also be provided from external companies, including giants like Accenture and IBM.
  • Some training can even be provided by companies or schools that present web seminars (recorded or not) for individual cost of tuition.

Aside from companies already mentioned, there are others who can provide corporate, business or industry training, either through software or many other means. You can learn a lot more about the training software to meet your needs by investigating our resources and searching for training software in your industry type (e.g. IT training software).

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