Advantages of Network Security over Desktop Security

Centralizing your security

For some organizations it may be tempting to keep desktop software. This might be tempting for any or all of the following reasons:
  • This may seem simpler.
  • You may already have desktop security software installed on individual machines that seems to be doing the job just fine.
  • Network security software might seem an unnecessary or unjustifiable expense.

You need to bear in mind that there are a number of important advantages to purchasing, using and getting used to network security software.

Centralized protection

Network security software is accessed for changes by one central user. Desktop security software can be reverse engineered even accidentally. Users may inadvertently double click on something that they should not have. More importantly, desktop security is more susceptible to viruses and worms. Vendors know this but don't tell you. The advantage to having your monitoring centralized is that hacks can be halted before they do their dirty work.

The problem with desktop software is that it is accessible through an internet connection. Virus attackers and other hackers need only have access to the internet. Network security software can be put on a machine that is separate from the internet and network but able to monitor information coming into other machines that are net connected.

Firewalls everywhere

One essential effect of network security software is that you can install firewalls at every important node in your networkeven between every machine. The same desktop security flaw can be exploited in every machine with the same basic internet connection.

Some Other Advantages
  • Less drag, more processing time . Anti virus software on each machine slows down each machine. Centralized protection eliminates this cumulative drag.
  • Centralized compatibility . Any time you download or install a new program you run the risk of it being incompatible with your old anti-virus software.
  • Updating . Can you count on all individual users in your organization to update anti-virus software? Centralized network protection eliminates any worries about employee vigilance.
  • Time saving . This applies to all of the above. Updating and managing downloads can all be done from one central location.

Most of these considerations are organizational. Has your organization become too large for decentralization of computer security? How do you know when you have reached this critical mass? The simplest advice is the oldest: better to be safe than sorry.

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