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Spam is not harmless

Its tempting to say that spam is just the junk mail of the internet, but in reality spam can be far more dangerous than a simple advertising form letter. Spam can carry viruses, spyware and other potential system cripplers.

Its often easy to detect and delete spam simply by looking at the subject line and the sender, but for some businesses and other e-mail accounts, eliminating spam can be more than just a mere nuisance it can be time consuming. Older e-mail accounts might receive 20 spam e-mails or more per day.

You can go a long way to securing yourself against spam. The FTC has some simple guidelines for this, including the following advice:

  • Consider masking your e-mail address. When entering your e-mail in a form or a forum, never use Use john doe AT
  • Keep your private e-mail address private by creating unique screen names for every forum, vending site and other group that you join.
  • Consider using several e-mail accounts and have a simple yet effective way of changing your e-mail account once every six months (for example).
  • Use a unique e-mail address that uses both letters and numbers.
  • Be wary of check boxes when you are filling out online forms.

Anti-spam software works a number of ways. Some software tags mail as spam when it recognizes the source or the content as being spammy. Other software can be used to remove the e-mails from your inbox so that you never see them. The problem with this is that the software can make mistakes and remove or tag mail that is not in fact spam and may in fact be serious.

There is no anti-spam or virus protection that is entirely failsafe. However, technology is getting better all the time, and there are a number of strong anti-spam software programs.

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