Computer Security Software Brands

A brief look at some of the leaders

There are many companies that make computer security software products. Several of these are popular, of course, while others deserve to be highlighted for some exceptional products. The two most popular names in security software are profiled elsewhere in our pages on Norton and McAfee.

Some other fine anti-virus and computer security products are briefly profiled below.

For your personal computer

PC-Cillin Internet Security is a robust enough anti-virus system for personal use with some business-sized protection systems as well. We have this installed on our system and we like it well enough. One drawback: it uses a lot of RAM while it scans. It offers real-time virus monitoring.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security offers one of the strongest firewalls available.

Kaspersky Personal Security Suite1.0 is a personal computer security system. The strongest part of this program is its antivirus. The Firewall and anti-spam components are adequate, but on the whole this is more expensive than other systems that may work just as well.

Cloudmarks SafetyBar, on the other hand, is highly rated. It protects against spam and fraud such as phishing schemes. It is highly accurate at separating spam and legitimate e-mail. The only drawback to this is that it is very MS-centric. It focuses on Outlook and Outlook Express.

For business and large networks

SonicWALL for Business includes the Gateway security system with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection suitable for business. SonicWALL makes software for businesses of various sizes, priced accordingly.

BorderWare MXtreme is top end protection software that lives up to its price tag.

Some of its spam-combating tools include pattern matching and mail encryption features. It sits outside of your network, protecting it from all hacks, denial of service attacks, e-mail and other directory harvesting. And it does this all seamlessly, and its usable with any e-mail platform. It really has too many features for us to detail here. Use our search box to search for network software to learn more.

ProofPoints Protection Server is just as high end as BorderWare, with over 50,000 protocols to separate spam from legitimate e-mail. It is not nearly as highly rated in consumer reviews and product reviews but it suits the needs of most businesses.

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