Internet Privacy Software

How do you keep your privacy online?

Internet privacy software is a broad category of software that protects your privacy from internet snoops, spoofs and hoods. The biggest danger is that someone can hack into your machine and do all kinds of evil sometimes without you ever knowing about it. Just one example: your machine can be hacked into, have an e-mail account set up then used to send spam e-mails.
Some other nefarious uses for remote hacking include:
  • Key loggers can remotely record your keyboard usage. If they recognize your use of an online banking site, for example, this could be disastrous to you.
  • If you have a home-based server, any database of e-mail addresses or credit card information could be.

Fortunately, in an age where hackers are smarter, so is internet privacy software.

The primary guard of internet privacy software is the firewall. A firewall either prevents or makes it very hard for people to get into your system. Firewalls that are sold separately from other anti-virus and security packages may provide better security than software that tries to be everything to everyone. In other cases, firewalls included in other packages may be just fine for your needs.

Other means of protection are:
  • Anti Virus Software
  • Anti Spam Software
  • Anti Spyware Software
Other peoples internet privacy software is your business, too

In another respect, you want to be sure that sites you use for online shopping and other transactions (banking, of course, but even newsletters, etc.)You need to be sure that your password is protected and all your information is secured.

There are several agencies that monitor the security precautions taken by sites with many users. Some examples of programs related to this are Thawte, its parent Verisign, GeoTrust, eTrust and several others as well. These sites will add their seal to a site they have tested. Seeing one of these company seals is fairly reasonable assurance (though never 100%) that the site is secure.

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