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Monitoring your web interactions

No matter who is using your computer, you may want to monitor their use. This is true for businesses, schools (including some private universities and colleges) and parents, as well as other organizations such as government agencies. Internet security software can also be used to monitor a wide variety of other things. Some internet monitoring is hidden while other groups might be more open about their monitoring.

These are just a few of the options you will find when it comes to internet monitoring. There are others. Some software tells you the length of time a user is engaged in certain activity. Others can simply block sites then tell you if and when users try to access those sites. For example, some software can tell you whether or not someone is using an instant messaging program, how long it was used for, and how many messages were exchanged.

You need to decide what you are going to monitor. In fact, some of this software can be just as time-consuming as having open, honest relationships with people, if you are using monitoring software to spy on users. Spying on family members or others might only intensify the mistrust between you.

Still, internet security software can be validly used to protect yourself, your family and your employees, as well. For example, you may find out that your child is talking to strangers over the internet, and they are telling them things that are not safe.

The cost of some of these software programs can be prohibitive to some families and even organizations (such as volunteer organizations, for example). It is possible to use standard protocols that are often free (e.g. Googles safe search option), but these are limited and are easy to manipulate by users. You may think, too, that you can check the history tool in web browsers, but items can be deleted from this as well.

For some small organizations, relatively low cost parental control programs can be a worthwhile substitute to full fledged internet security software programs. Read more about choosing internet security software and parental controls.

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