McAfee Anti Virus Software

A brief overview of an industry leader

McAfee is one of two leading names in popular anti-virus and security software; the other is Norton. McAfee's most popular anti-virus software, VirusScan, increases in efficiency and level of protection with each new version. McAfee's users appreciate the fact that the company is not as aggressive as Norton, especially in its marketing claims. Specifically, McAfee does not play games with rebates that Norton's detractors dislike so much.
Some other reasons that people like McAfee's anti-virus software are as follows:
  • VirusScan scans e-mails in POP/SMTP accounts before they are accessed.
  • WormStopper has a few unique facilities. It blocks suspicious e-mails: tagging e-mails that have over 50 recipients, for example.
  • Their detailed database of viruses and interactive map of infestations.

McAfee's detractors dislike the fact that it slows down your computers operation. The issue of usability also extends to the interface design. Traditionally, Norton has provided a better, more usable interface.

McAfee's Internet Security Suite bundles SpamKiller, VirusScan and Personal Firewall Plus. The Security Center adds Windows Update Status but if you have the Windows XP SP2 Security Center you may not need McAfee's.

Which catches more viruses?

Users who compare McAfee to Norton claim that McAfee is not as good at catching viruses.

Who is McAfee?

McAfee is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and claims to be the market leader. When they release a new product it will usually rocket to the top of software sales charts. However, the same is true for its main competitor, Norton. If the release dates are close, the sales figures will also be close.

In January of 2006, McAfee was named the leader in Forrester's Report on Antispyware for Q1 2006. McAfee is favored by users from all levels of society, whether they are in government, homes and services. On the whole, McAfee Antivirus software has many worthwhile features, including reasonable pricing.

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