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Keep your business safe online

Depending on the type of business you are in, network security is somewhere between absolutely critical and merely necessary. The Better Business Bureau has some simple advice to keep your business safe online.

You should evaluate your cyber security at least twice a year. Ask inside and outside sources how your current network security is performing. The strategy suggested by the BBB is to evaluate your network security at the same time as the clocks change. You might have more suitable slow times when such housekeeping activities fit better with your yearly cycle.

Some of the things you will need to evaluate:
  • Users passwords. Instruct all users how to create strong passwords. Make sure that the system requires users to change passwords frequently.
  • Virus protection software that scans your system regularly. Make sure that all the most important features are enabled. Double check these.
  • Adequate firewalls. Make sure that these are installed at all proper nodes where your network comes into contact with other systems. Make sure that the internal authorizations are appropriate so users cant access areas they should be restricted from. Most importantly, make sure that your external firewalls are adequate.
  • Make sure that all updates and patches have been installed. Most software now has automatic patches but reviewing these manually is failsafe.
  • Back up all your data. The BBB recommends a weekly backup, but for content heavy businesses more frequent backup may be appropriate. With a network, make sure that you have several computers (and preferably at different locations). For smaller operations, CD backup is an appropriate security measure.
  • Adequate logging checks. This allows you to check any and all suspicious activity.

Be mindful of all software downloads and/or file sharing and/or storage issues that may be affecting the strength of your network security. Minimize any or all of these activities, as you see fit.

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