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Is Norton the best at catching viruses?

Norton (along with Symantec, its parent corporation) is one of the biggest names in anti-virus protection. Nortons antivirus products are available for a wide variety of platforms and e-mail programs.

According to PC Magazine , Norton won the anti-virus software wars in 2006, edging out McAfee as Editors Choice. However, Norton is not without its detractors, and it has strong competition from McAfee, which occasionally eclipses Norton in sales.

The PC Magazine review liked Norton for packaging antivirus protection with a firewall (albeit simple). Its anti-virus scans were also cited for their speed. All of this holds true for Nortons anti virus software. This also includes an Internet Worm Protection feature that works much the same way as Windows Firewall; it blocks all known Trojans as well as all connections from any IP address that attempts illicit access of your computer.

Nortons detractors don't like its rebate offers that some have called essentially bogus, but there are detractors on every side of every brand war.

Norton fans cite the fact that it is much easier to use than competitors, including McAfee. Downloads and scans are faster, taking less of your computers RAM (a definite concern when it comes to some antivirus software). The firewall is not nearly as robust as some less popular names (such as ZoneAlarm).

But will it catch viruses?

Yes. The general consensus among users is that Norton is better at catching viruses than its biggest rival, McAfee.

Some related Norton products

Nortons Personal Firewall keeps ahead of some of the latest trends in internet scamming. For example, in 2005, Norton beefed up its anti-phishing facilities.

Norton is really all about staying on top of trendsboth consumer trends and trends by online scam artists. The Symantec Norton AntiSpam software blocks typical spam trends such as spoofed e-mail addresses as well as fraudulent URLs.

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