Computer System Software

An overview of kinds of software

Software for your computer system is numerous. Factors that affect your decision will include price, functionality and ability to integrate with other software and systems you have. It will not be certain exactly what software you are looking for since it will go under many different names.

Software for Home PCs

For most novice users, you will need at least a computer operating system software and a few applications that do the basic things you need (a word processing program, Excel or any other spread sheet program to help you with basic budgeting, etc.)

Most users, though, are online, and they also have many other programs and applications installed on their machines. Some programs are software that they have purchased while others are software that has gotten onto their machine surreptitiously (more information on this last aspect can be found in our computer security software pages.

Software that you might voluntarily install on your computer might include: For Networks, Servers and Administrators

Networks and administrators often require a bevy of software. Networking Software covers a variety of software, including

And of course, the word computer system has itself become a nebulous term, and there are handheld devices that are far more versatile than any PCs from even a few years ago. If you are looking for software for any one of these devices, click here.

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