Application Software

Killer apps are still out there

Application software is the broad name for a category of software that is fundamentally distinct from computer system software. Application software is all the software that performs higher functions, anything from poker software all the way to enterprise resource planning software. It can also include graphics software, CAD, PDA software, on and on.

Computer system software runs your computer while application software allows you to do all the things you do with your computer.

Application Monitoring Software

Like other monitoring software, application monitoring software allows your business to monitor from a remote location while you are traveling, etc.

Numara is a big player in this field, as they are in network monitoring software. Track-IT is able to manage calls, help desk, IT assets, LAN inventory, audits and more.

Other software specializes in monitoring specific applications. For example, RealiTea, from TeaLeaf specializes in monitoring message traffic for Web applications and E-commerce transactions. Management 360, from Wily Technology focuses on your Java applications, monitoring performance as well as diagnosing problems and suggesting some corrective actions.

You can use application monitoring software to monitor data and find out if and where it is being corruptedor how effectively it is being used. Without application monitoring software, you may find your organization in a finger-pointing circle or people may be merely speculative about where and why data is being lost.

Of course, if data loss is critical, this can be very messy.

Choosing Application Monitoring Software

The field of application performance monitoring software is relatively crowded. For example, in recent news (2006) Compuware has acquired Adlex and incorporated its tools into Compuwares Vantage software. Other players include Symantecs Veritas, Xaffires management Server and Network Generals Sniffer Enterprise Platform, to name just a few.

Any of these software packages can help you streamline company processes and after the initial investment, you will save money. Since these all vary in terms of the operations they perform as well as the quality of performance, we encourage you to do your own targeted comparison by searching our resources for application monitoring software.

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