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Backing up your data is still common sense

The importance of backup software and backup storage has come in and out of vogue with internet users and network administrators. In the early days of computing, this was not a high priority, but with system crashes and the advent of CD burning technology it became practical and easy for users to backup data.

Network administrators use a variety of methods to backup data, and security software providers still make headlines with the latest advances and changes to backup software, data encryption and related technology.

Backup software providers

In early 2006, for example, Arkeia Software announced the unveiling of Disaster Recovery for Windows used in conjunction with Arkeia Network Backup software. According to is press release, A simple procedure makes it possible to carry out an automated backup and recovery onto a CD, USB or network drive.The application can easily re-create all of lost data on a new machine.

OnTrack PowerControls is designed to help managers and network administrators serve internal clients. Its available on its own or included with TimeSpring's Continuous Data Protection Package. TimeSpring received good marks in a review by Computer Weekly magazine in a 2006 software review. Reviewers cited the fact that TimeSpring included OnTracks PowerControls to let you restore a single mailbox or message from an Exchange information store without mounting it on a running Exchange server. Thanks to OnTrack, TimeSpring was given especially high ratings (over 7 other CDP products) in the categories of backup frequency and data type support.

don't think that McAfee has fallen into also ran status in server backup and network security. McAfees System Protection includes encryption and authentication from PGP, deservingly called an industry-standard.

No matter who you use or how you backup software, you can never lose track of the fact that data compromise is like just about everything else in the computer world shifting and changing constantly, and in its own way progressing, for lack of a better word. To find out more, search our resources for the latest updates on backup software.

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