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Manage customer contacts and more

Good chat server software can be the key to excellent employee collaboration on critical projects. And if your chat server software lets you down, you can lose valuable time and data. Still, there are many more features to look for in chat server software that go beyond simple reliability.

Most chat server software is in fact part of the customer relations management department. Good customer relations speedy response time, clear communication and understanding are an integral part of any businesses good business practice.

We have listed typical precautions that apply to business software.

Chat server software might also over lap with any of the following categories of software: Chat Server Software Changes

Chat server software, like so much communication technology, is changing rapidly. You cannot be assured that the software you purchase this year will still be useful or relevant next year. Today, VoIP for business is becoming increasingly viable, and if the promise holds true, this may revolutionize customer help and service chat software. The advent of videophones and similar technology for high end products has similarly huge potential. Imagine a service rep in the home of a client, holding his cell phone up to show the home office a specific problem. This is already very possible adapting everyday technology.

Chat Server Software Providers

Old style chat server software is still important in the mean time:

  • LivePerson is still favored after a few years on the market. It primarily adds live chat to your site, in order to improve customer service, but it has bonus features. These include website tracking that can tell you where users have gone on your site, for example. Whats more, you can view this in real time. Aside from that, it does all the basics, including e-mail, online marketing, shopping cart compatibility and more.
  • Live Communications Server comes from Microsoft, the company you probably already have an opinion of.
  • NetDIVE offers SiteSticky, tops in popularity for a number of years, and available for chat for free, just pay for support. You can install this for around $3,000 or pay a monthly fee ranging from $299 to $599 per month, depending on needs.
  • CSLive is a lower end more affordable service, priced ideally for small business checking out chat server software needs, for less than $40 per month.
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