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If you're interested in using instant messages or chatting on your computer, you're looking for chat software. Your choices are numerous, of course. Lots of chat software is free, but there are more robust versions of chat software more applicable for business, and there are complex versions of chat software that can screen your kids chat and more.

Powerful chat software is a necessity for businesses that rely heavily on their help desk or customer support in order to maintain their business.

Of course, the reigning king of internet chat is Instant Messenger from Microsoft, but there are others as well Yahoo Chat being the nearest rival.

Is VoIP in 2006 the chat of 1992?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a hot topic in internet chat, of course. This is essentially one of those technologies that we have long imagined but has just now become a reality. It essentially allows you to talk over your internet connection, and it is commonly paired with video technology to turn your computer (and its chat software) into a videophone, the sort of thing that was a standard device in 1950s speculative fiction. VOIP software offered by Vonage, Speakeasy, CallVantage and others all jockey for market dominance.

Whats the difference between VoIP and chat?

VoIP uses phone lines, essentially tapping into conventional telephone technology to give you a service for conversing using the internet. VoIP services ask for a straight fee.

Chat software such as the free MSN Messenger can be adapted as a video phone over the internet and have much the same final effect (or even better, considering that you can see your conversation partner). However, these are limited by the fact that both you and your partner have to be on at the same time, you have to arrange a meeting ahead of time and you have to have all the right software. The sound quality of these varies. In our opinion, the fact that you can still buy second rate quality from say, Logitech (in our experience) means that technology still has some ways to go.

VOIP and chat for business

For business, of course, quality software can be critical. Internet conferencing can be arranged using adequate software, of course, but we have still had difficulties with wifi and related technology. This may be one of the reasons that chat is still far more popular than VoIP (at least at the time of this writing). Its still a safe bet to go with chat software offered by Talisma, LivePerson and others.

Read about chat server software or search resources for chat software or chat server software to investigate some of your options.

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