Computer Repair Software

Do you really need to clean your registry?

Computer repair software is most often registry repair. This is routinely hawked on the web, and while there is some legitimacy to this category, there is a lot that you can do on your own to clean your own registry.

In addition, free repair software from companies such as AdAware (from Lavasoft) and CWShredder (from TrendMicro) is also available. On the other hand, purchased software is likely to be more robust in its application. You may also find better computer repair as part of a larger anti-virus or other computer security package.

On the whole, claims made by registry repair software companies are varied, and they are worth scrutinizing more closely. Registry of computer software scans your computer for spyware and other registry breaks that can slow or even crash your computer or its operating system.

What is your registry?

The registry is a database, part of your operating systems control panel, where settings such as your default web browser, that browsers home page and other preferences are set. Microsofts Windows operating system is vulnerable to registry breaches by viruses and spyware that hijack the registry and its settings. Thus, you end with a home page you do not wantone intended to advertise and (usually) drive you to advertising sites.

Registry Cleaning Job Security?

Several registry cleaning software packages purport to be freesome even cost moneythat will actually mess up your registry as they purport to clean it. This will give you the impression that you were smart to download or buy these services when in fact they are messing your registry.

A 2005 study by Information Week magazine found that 70 or 80 % of registry cleaning software actually left problems or created new ones that were found by later sweeps with the same software!

According to the study, the only ones that actually cleaned the system register were two products: JV16 PowerTools andEasyCleaner . The test accounted for only a fraction of the entire registry cleaning software market, but registries that failed the test were:

  • StompSoft's Registry Repair
  • RoseCity's Registry First Aid
  • Iomatic's RegistryMedic
  • EasyDesk's Registry Drill
  • RegistryFix
  • Registry Cleaner from CleanMyPC

Buying any of these is sort of like hiring a janitor who routinely spills things then uses those messes to ask you for more money. Bear this in mind as you search our resources for computer repair software.

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