DVD Backup Software

Should you back up your DVDs?

You have tons of DVDs, you have kids, and you have had to throw out (or repurchase) games and movies that cost you good money. DVD backup software can allow you to save DVD movies and games onto rewriteable or recordable CDs at a fraction of the cost of repurchasing them. And you save the time and energy of hunting down out-of-print or hard-to-find DVDs.

A number of programs allow you to backup DVDs. Some of these can set you back a few dollars. Others are free.

DVD Backup Software features to look for:
  • DVD Decryption. Most DVDs and games have coding that prevents you from copying them. Decryption is built into DVD backup software so that it can go around this to create a copy.
  • DVD formatting flexibility. Some DVD software that claims to be free will only back up into one format, for which you will require a special codec. In the lingo, this is called transcoding changing the file format an expensive process in terms of RAM. The company is selling you nothing so you will buy something, an exclusive codec. don't opt in unless you're prepared to shell out for the codec.
  • File compression . Most purchased CDs will actually not fit onto a CD-R. You will need to compress the file while still retaining the quality of the original file. Not all backup software will perform file compression.
  • Saving bonus features . You also want to ensure that you can save bonus features and extras all to the same DVD: that there is room (through file compression) and that the software takes the bonus feature option into account.

One of the most highly acclaimed software suites in this area is DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink is simple software that backs up your DVDs to disk. There are a number of things everyone likes about this software, not the least of which is that it is available as a free download. DVD Shrink has easy decryption of files with its own built in decryption algorithms.

Small Business Backup, with no DVDs

At the other end of the cost spectrum, there are many units that will handle more robust backup than that available with simple DVDs. Some newer technology in this area can cost close to $1000but you get one terabyte of storage in a compact unit.

In 2006, we saw the debut of the OneTouch III, ideal for small to medium-size businesses with the need for one-stop data backup (including small network storage), instantly removing the hassle of a library of DVDs. These units basically cost a dollar a gigabyte, so pick your size and pick your price. Learn more by searching our resources for small business backup.

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