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Know your choices

High end e-mail software used to send and track e-mails is going to be with us for awhile. If you send a lot of e-mails (for marketing or other purposes) this software can help you keep track of how many of your e-mails are being read and who they are being read by.

Leading E-mail Software Providers

There are a few robust programs in this category.

Open-Xchange Mail server from Systems Solutions (systemssolutions.com) is a turnkey mail solution that facilitates collaboration among many other things. Its ideal for 50-100 users, and is available for sale by individual license or as a single unit purchase. Look for the price to drop below the listed $4,000.

iAnywhere (Sybase) offers e-mail software that can import Lotus Notes, MS Exchange and more to any wireless PDA, smartphone, etc.

DidTheyReadit has been advertising its message receipt alert software for a few years now. Even though the feature is common to e-mail programs, this software is still highly regarded for its ability to bypass non-supported programs (including many older e-mail programs some people are still using). It also tells you how long they had the e-mail open, where it was opened and more. If this is critical for your mass mailings or other aspects of your business, search our resources for e-mail software.

Get E-mail

Many people looking for e-mail software in order to receive e-mail will find that there are plenty of free e-mail offerings. In some cases, you can get free e-mail from your ISP, but MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, G-mail, Eudora Basic and many others are also free, as long you don't mind the ads.

There is also e-mail software such as Qrb and many other programs that eliminate spam. There is also anti-virus and anti-spyware software, though these are discussed elsewhere on our site under:

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