Internet Speed Software

Do you really have a problem with speed?

Internet Speed Software has been promised for some time now. By and large, the promise has not really been delivered on (at least, by software). In fact, there is much that you can do on your own to speed up your machine. Read more about internet speed tips

There are still many companies that promise internet speed software. There are various ways in which this promise is made, including modem boosters, internet accelerators, download accelerators and more. In truth, these are all a little specious, at this point in time.

Other software (many of it advertised through annoying popups, we might add) promises to speed up your computer. Most of these work only by clearing your temporary internet files, cache, cookies, history and more. The software is simple and essentially overpriced, for processes that you can do on your own.

Recently (early 2006), even Google introduced the Google Web accelerator. The product was a free download that promised to shave seconds off every interaction with web sites, page loads, internet searches, etc. The product was met with some controversy, though, in that it measured its own speed (though for many people there was very little detectable speed difference). There was even talk that service could be used by others for nefarious purposes (the software worked by caching details of users internet sessions).

Still, the fact that Google thinks that there is a need for web acceleration and the possibility that it can be done is grounds for assuming that there may still be legitimate internet speed software out there. For the most part, though, you can do a lot on your own to speed your own internet.

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