Internet Speed Tips

Ways to speed browser action

Speeding your own internet is a process with a few simple steps:
  • Delete your temporary internet files from Windows.
  • Delete your cookies from Windows.
  • Delete your cache and cookies for any web browsers you might have besides Internet Explorer.
  • Use anti-spyware to eliminate annoying pop-ups and more junk that slows down your computers operation.
How do you eliminate unnecessary files slowing down your computer?
  • Open up Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools at the top of the browser window
  • Under Tools, click on Internet Options
  • A separate window will open. Under the heading Temporary Internet Files, click on the button marked Delete Files Your cursor changes to an hourglass as your files are deleted. (Note : this may take long [10 or 15 minutes, even] if you have been using your internet for a long time and have never done this.)
  • In the same window, under the same heading, click the button marked Delete Cookies...
  • If you use Netscape-related browsers, Firefox and Netscape, click on tools then options then privacy then clear cache. We assume that since you are using these more progressive browsers, you will be more familiar with this.
  • If you use Opera, click on tools then delete private data then delete.

You can download spyware removal from a number of free sites. One of the most highly used is AdAware from Lavasoft. Google these two words and you will find the softwares free download from any of many sites. Run this program to remove all spy-ware and then keep it on your computer to run it every few days.

An added bonus in doing all this is that you will protect your privacy, as well. Deleting your old files will mean that others can not find out what you have been doing on your computer for the last several months or even years. For many people, this information is old news, but there are a surprising number of people who still don't know these simple steps to speeding up your computer and your internet service. don't pointlessly waste money on internet speed software.

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