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Sharepoint, Plumtree, Vignette and their competitors

Whether you are in the process of building your first intranet (and discovering the myriad wonderful uses for it) or only upgrading out of date intranet software, you will need to know what your choices are, what is a wise decision concerning your intranet software.

In 2006, Jonathan Schwartz called intranets an anachronism. Theyre going to die. Its just a matter of time. While his words may be prophetic, defenders say that intranets will instead evolve. Intranets remain a viable part of many companys operating structure.

Intranet Software Makers

Sharepoint and Plumtree and Vignette are three of the most popular intranet software choices but these are not necessarily the best.

Some others intranet software players are making plays for increased market share are:

  • Journyx, a scalable intranet solution priced in bundles of five, up to 10,000 users.
  • Intranet Dashboard, available for a free 30 day trail run (download), with tools for managing documents, forms, digital assets and a list of over 30 more features.
  • ADP, the payroll management people, also provides secure web portals.
  • LotusNotes and Domino also offer intranet solutions, especially through the development of Teamroom.
  • OpenSource is an underestimated help in building the perfect intranet for your company.
Open Source Intranet Software

Open Source intranets have been provided by Metadot, and this has attracted positive attention from web analysts. Open Source can be used to complement other software packages.

Some of the more popular intranet software packages, including Sharepoint, Plumtree can all be used with Open Source. Most of these will claim to be independent of all other needs and in most cases you will not need to add any Open Source coding. Metadot is able to cover the categories of both independent open source or as a complement to other software suites. You will need to read and follow closely the Open Source agreement if you are going to use Metadot or any other Open Source software.

You can learn more about Metadot and other open source software packages by going to

Purchasing your intranet software solution

Like all software choices, your intranet software decisions should be user-driven. that's fairly rudimentary advice, but it might be hard for some tech-savvy network admins to look at the intranet through users eyes. For example, we have seen some sales force intranets that were virtually unused.

The reasons for this were usually that the sales people did not see a use for the intranet (knowing their own sales figures anyway) or they were simply technophobic. Making sure that your intranet is both useful and usable is a fundamental task of the network administrator. The simplest way to do this is to stay in touch with your users; better yet, educate them ahead of time about what they can gain from the use of an intranet.

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