Intranet Uses and Usability

Are you getting the maximum use out of your internal network?

Most intranets are used by companies to manage their digital assets, including all their documents, their forms and more. Knowing other uses for intranets can help you make broader decisions.

Intranets are also used by course developers for university courses. This use can also be applied to corporations who want to disseminate proprietary information or education to their employees, or if they wish to purchase courses to give to their employees for free.

Intranets and usability

Intranets for technology corporations will likely be lively places not difficult to sell to workers. In this case you will be able to take full advantage of features and options.

No matter who your users are, there are a few simple strategies to get the most use out of their intranet.

  • Routinely poll users about bugs and problems with the intranet. This will let them know that you are concerned about their experience with the intranet. Find out what they would really like to use the intranet for and how they can use it to accomplish that purpose.
  • Find out what service they need in their lives. Are they disorganized? Highlight eh calendar and organizer feature that can be found on the intranet. Find out what else they need and figure out a way to use the intranet to provide that solution for them. Encourage them to voice their opinions and needs.
  • Make sure your IT department knows and understands the users and their needs.
  • Publish and broadcast the IT and intranet policies and uses. Send out e-mails and other notices about changes to your intranet, how others are suing it and any new additions made to let employees know how to get more use out of the intranet.
  • Find out what the entire community might need out of the intranet. These suggestions will likely (but not entirely) come from executives and long-time employees.
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