Linux Backup Software

The penguin marches on

Even people who don't love Linux still appreciate the idea of Linux: that users control their own software, applications, etc. Look who's using Linux

A growing number of big players are jumping into the water with the little penguin. Continental Airlines uses Linux software for server-sided applications such as the JBoss application server and a MySQL database to power its own Ticket Reissue and Traveler Alert applications.

You may not have heard of Cendant Corporation, but you may know about their popular web service,, which uses open source Apache web server and a Tomcat servlet engine. The company uses Red Hat Linux to save about $20 million a year.

The little penguin that could is also favored by Yahoo, Inc., and by big financial players (with big security concerns, lets note) such as Fidelity Investments, ABN Amro Bank and E-Trade Financial Corp.

Some Linux Backup Software Packages

BRU server traces its heritage back to the Linux backup and reliability that began in 1994. In 2006, BRU Server 1.2.0 made its debut, with the promise of improved flexibility and easy installation. All that should come with the same system-wide protection across your client server network.

NovaNETs network tape and disk backup for Linux protects Linux as well as Windows and Netware (or any combination thereof).

Storix is a backup administrator for Linux that backs up your files and readies you for disaster recovery.

One Caution : any time you use open source code for any application, you need to be sure to check the licensing agreement closely. In the case of backup software, Linux is ideal for satisfying any open source fanatics in your IT department, since you are not using it for any commercial gain. As well, it is an ideal way to save data to bypass the insecurity of other (more popular and easier to use) software.

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