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Can Microsoft dominate here, too?

In early 2006, the big hype in network security is the supposed heating up of the network security wars between Microsoft and Symantec. In this case, Symantec is the Goliath to Microsofts David (whether or not the David role really suits the software giant is a matter of opinion). Whether or not the battle is serious is another matter. Microsofts entry into the market is not without its ironies, of course, especially for long time detractors who deride MS for its history of security vulnerabilities (among other things).

For all the skeptics, though, the simple fact is that security has not been well covered by anyone not Symantec, not McAfee, not anyone. Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 just might be worth checking out. Network security (still the biggest concern in network software) is handled in more depth elsewhere on this site.

There are sub-categories of networking software that can also be investigated. These include:
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