Utility Software

Because no one likes to really think about utilities

Utility software is the name applied to a broad category of software that helps you run applications and software, usually as an add-on. It is software that performs a specific utility rather than a major function or application. Some examples of utility software are disk defragmenters and/or disk cleaners, and there are many more ways that software is used to aid the efficiency of other software suites and applications.

Significant utility software can be obtained for free. Some examples of this are found at sites such as freeware.com and karenware.com (check out her Replicator for something especially useful). Other examples are free trial ware such as Diskeeper Lite. More robust packages of utility software are also available from Symantec.

All of the usual precautions that go into any software purchase apply here.

More robust utility software that scans for and removes viruses and spyware is available by clicking on the nearby links or searching our resources for utility software.

Various other utility software allows you to read files or view movies. These programs, almost always free, include Flash player, Adobe Reader, Spyware Blaster, WinZip, etc.

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