DVD Software

There are a few features you may not have thought of

Most people searching for DVD software are simply looking for free software that will help them burn DVDs. For this, you need a DVD burner, and while most DVD burners will come with software, there may be instances when you will still be looking for DVD software. Other DVD software you might find is DVD decoder software that will help you copy or back up DVDs

DVD Burning Software

The DVD software that you get with your burner might not be able to do all the things that other DVD software is capable of doing. When you are looking for DVD burning software, there are a few tips and options to keep in mind as you search around:

  • Cost is the biggest factor, and you need to remind yourself that you get what you pay for. Buying DVD burning software will give you software that is feature- rich and with more options.
  • Cool is a nice feature, too. Zooming is definitely a fun option facilitated by some of the finer DVD software. If your DVD burning software allows you to change your burning icon to a fire breathing dragon, that's also kind of, well, cool.
  • Error correction can facilitate the creation of a good copy of a DVD from a copy that has been damaged.
  • Versatility is also important. The ability to copy VHS tapes or video games may be a feature not accounted for by some DVD software. The ability to handle several different file types might also be important.
    Big players in DVD software

    The biggest players in the DVD software market are Intervideo and Cyberlink.

  • Intervideos DVD software is called WinDVD. In June of 2005, they released the 7thgeneration of this software.
  • Cyberlinks DVD software, PowerDVD, was last updated in 2004.
  • NVIDIA has been in the DVD software business for many years and they have recently released their own DV software player called NVDVD.
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