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don't cash it all in

Poker Software comes in a variety of stripes. Some poker software purports to give players an inside edge so they can calculate odds and track opponents moves and more. Other poker software is simply the downloading of a game so you can join in online tournaments and start to gamble away your money.

Related versions allow you to create your own poker tournaments that can go on around the clock so you can steal other peoples money. This software has been around for awhile and it suitably good at what it does for example, it tracks players success rates, so they cant complain about games being rigged. Just be certain that you do not follow the example of CryptoLogic, whose servers were hacked into in 2001 causing the company to lose nearly $2 million due to heightened win rates.

Other sites and software offer poker tutoring. Again, these sites might be counted as harmless, but the idea behind these is to get you to play more poker and to think that you are a better poker player.

Our best advice: hold, before you even bother

Never forget that the only reason anyone wants you to get involved in gambling is so that they can get your money. And if they have to cheat to do it they will. The internet is as prone (or even more so) to gambling scams as the real world. Chances are quite good that that online gambling site that lets you have a trial is pulling the same pool hall hustle that everyone knows: letting you think you can win so you can join in and lose.

The biggest problem with poker software or with gambling online is the same as that with internet pornography. You don't have anyone nagging you to stop, and anonymity makes you feel that much bolder.

Heres where we fold (sort of)

Okay, if you are absolutely, positively intent on looking into poker software that will help you learn how to play poker better, there are some products recommended by experts in this sort of thing. Turbo Texas Hold Em from Wilsonis able to teach you some of the basics of poker; those who have used it found it easy to use and helpful.

Poki's PokerAcademyfrom Biotools is also available as a free download. Its showdown evaluator is a nice feature that allows you to calculate your odds.

Our absolutely most recommended software, though, is the family and friends around you. Give one of them a hug, feel how precious they are and think about all the idiots who have lost families, marriages and livelihoods when they gambled them away.

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