Cheap Software

An overview of some reasons you might be getting a discount

There are still many people searching for cheap software. In fact, cheap software is one of the most highly searched terms in searches for software. This is for several reasons:

  • People always want to save money.
  • People do disparage the software form some companies as cheap (as in second rate).
  • People underestimate the fact that software has, on the whole, really come down in price.

Still, people are looking for discount software, and there are good deals to be found on some software. There are several reasons that software might be cheap. Some of these reasons are good; others are, well, not so good.

You might find cheap software that -
  • Has simply been outdated by upgrades , but still has some use. Most brand name cheap software fits into this category. For example, you may be able to find an older version of Adobe Photoshop that will be very versatile and useful but will simply be not as popular as the latest version.
  • Is essentially a knockoff of a better, more popular brand. For example, there is graphic software that copies everything that the last version of Adobe PhotoShop does. It doesnt bear the Adobe name, and it will never be as good as the latest version of PhotoShop, but it might really do all you need.
  • Has been used. In some cases, purchasing used software (as well as using other peoples software) is a grey legal area, as there are licensing issues here.
  • Has been stolen . Some products that are labeled cheap software might be pirated or simply copied. If you buy any of this, you will be in possession of stolen property, a criminal offence anywhere in the Western world.

Most cheap software is the same as discount software(and there are more tips on that page).

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